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CKC Trial
August  24th-25th  2024

NOTE dogs in heat are not eligible to compete at this trial
HilltopK9 Agility Club is proud to be hosting the CKC trials held in conjunction with
Stormont Dundas Glengarry Dog Association

Maxville, Ontario

2 Rings Alternating ...2 days

3 Foot Fencing

Francine Lalonde & Wendy Beard 

Opens JULY 15th  2024  9:00 AM
Closes August
14th or when full






Volunteers are greatly appreciated and will receive tickets for draws.











Gus Creations will be at this trial--pre order if needed
Kathy Laverdure Photography will be available for photos of your runs on August 25th 2024, in a controlled setting or while competing.

SATURDAY Trial 1 & 2
Novice Standard 1
Novice JWW #1
Novice Standard 2
Novice JWW #2
Intermediate Standard 1

Intermediate JWW #1
Intermediate Standard 2

Intermediate JWW #2
Excellent Standard 1

Excellent JWW 1
Excellent Standard 2

Excellent JWW2

SUNDAY Trial 3 & 4-5
Excellent Standard 3
Excellent JWW 3
Intermediate Standard 3
Intermediate JWW 3
Novice Standard 3
Novice JWW 3
Novice PAD 1
Jumps N Tunnels #1
Novice PAD 2
Jumps N Tunnels2
Intermediate PAD 1
Jumps N Tunnels 3
Intermediate PAD 2
Excellent PAD 1
Excellent PAD 2

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