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Beginners Level Agility Classes


Dogs/Puppies should be comfortable on leash.


At this level the dogs/puppies are introduced "on leash" to the fundamentals of agility.
Laying a strong FOUNDATION is imperative to building a confident and reliable agility dog.

All training is done on a reward basis using "Voluntary Behaviors" and "Operative Conditioning" through use of either the clicker or voice as a marker to indicate to the pup that he/she is doing a good job.


Should a dog/puppy become frightened on an obstacle, it requires a lot of work to rebuild the confidence lost.
Prevention is the best assurance of continual learning.

Owners/handlers learn the basic commands, hand signals,  shadow handling and attention exercises needed to lay the foundation for a "great" agility dog.


Once the dogs understand the behaviors, are heavily reinforced for correct behaviors, confidence will show thru the increase in speed. Understanding is the basis for confidence and speed.






Handlers learn how to negotiate a simple agility course.
Dogs/puppies must have a foundation in agility.
Dogs/puppies should be able to work off leash to some degree



Open To Hilltop Members


 The obstacles will be close to, or at competition height for some of the work. This course will lay the foundation for advanced and masters by honing the handler and dog skills. Dog & Handler Teams stay at this level for 2 or more sessions to work on improving their skills before moving to ADVANCED


In the advanced levels, it is important that the handling of the dog is quick and accurate. Our dog goes where we send it. Look to the handler if the dog goes off course.(Unless the dog is doing his or her own thing that day)


Open to Hilltop members




Dogs must work efficiently off leash.

Dogs must have Intermediate -Advance skills.

This class will prepare dog and handler teams for Competition at the Starter Level

Dogs/handlers who have trained with other clubs must be evaluated by a Hilltop K9 instructor.





Obstacle Discrimination Perfecting Weaves--Turns-Crosses 






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