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          THE DOG: A happy, healthy and hungry dog. Food is our primary motivators. , If you normally feed your dog in the evening, you may want to withhold its meal on training nights. The food motivators that you will use in class can substitute the evening feeding. A slightly hungry dog will help to get and keep your dog's attention during training. It is much harder for the dog to jump or run on a full stomach. A full dog is often a "sleepy" dog.· BUCKLE COLLAR OR HARNESS. Choke and prong collars pose safety hazards and risk injury to your dog. Agility training is not about forcing our dogs to play and forcing the dog to respond dampens the dogs enthusiasm.





              LEASH. A two or four-foot nylon leash is recommended as they are light and easier to manage. Also required is a short TAB leash, its length suited to the size of your dog, to enable you start to work with your dog ·


             TREATS. Bring something your dog loves., something smelly and mouthwatering. Leave the dry kibble at home. You can try hot dogs, cheese, liver treats, or meat bits. Depending on the size of your dog, the treats should be cut up into SMALL BITE size pieces. Soft treats are recommended so that your dog does not have to stop to chew on them, . BRING PLENTY . Training a behavior requires "Jackpot" for the dog. Jackpotting (several small treats instead of one large treat) helps to maintain attention to you.·



          TREAT BAG.You will need a treat bag to be secured to your body. A waist belt or fanny pack or a pocket bag. This enable your to be free to guide your dog. The opening should be large enough to get your hand in and out quickly and easily but need only be overly large.. You can restock your bag as needed.


          WATER BOWL: Also a good idea to bring your own water as different water can sometimes cause tummy upsets.·



          TUG TOYS. We will spend a considerable amount of time teaching our dogs how to play with us.
In agility, we want our dogs to think that YOU, the handler, is the most interesting thing around-not other dogs, equipment, or the nearest tree or shrub. We will do those through intense interaction with our

dogs-play. The best way to play with our dogs is with a tug toy. If you know your dog likes a certain, unorthodox object, bring it. We recommend you bring a least 3 different toys -a ball on a string, a knotted rope, or a squeaky toy. Tug toys are recommended as they keep the dog looking to the handler for stimulus and reward, instead of away from the handler. Most dogs can be taught to be toy motivated.There will also be available for purchase, agility leads and motivational toys.


          TOUCH PADSHILLTOP K9 will provide each student with a yellow touch pad in beginner class and as we progress in levels, a clear plastic touch board will be provided. These Touch pads are used as targets to train our dogs to work away from us or to go to a specific place. This targets will eventually be faded away.


          COMFORTABLE SHOES AND CLOTHING. You will be on your feet for the entire class session. You will be bending over, running, maybe even crawling through tunnels to encourage your dog. Come dressed to do so.



TOTE BAG, DUFFLE BAG OR BACKPACK to carry all of the above







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