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Martintown, Ontario
Check back for dates 2017








Registration Fee $8.00 per run. Students $5.00


If time permits, if you are already registered, it will be possible to add runs on the day of the Fun Match.


The price for the added runs will be $10/runs.


Registration is limited to approx. 200 runs. We reserve the right to refuse entries. 


Entries close at noon the Tuesday before the Match or when the Match is full. 


The Matches will be held under modified AAC rules, outdoor in a 100 x 100 ring. 


Dogs must be 6 months or older to compete in Starters


Dogs must be 12 months or older to compete in Modfied- Masters Classes


Modified Masters will be a combination of Advance courses and masters challenges.


Food & toys welcome! : 


The Match will be judged by a licensed judge or a judge in training. 


Runs will be scribed and timed. 


There will be a calculated standard course time and a maximum course time. 


Snooker, in the event that the team is whistled out in the opening, the team will be permitted to run the closing or play for 60 seconds. 


Gambler , if the team is whistled off in the closing, the team will be permitted to attempt the gamble 2 X times and may to step in and help the dog. 


Scribe sheets will be available for Gamblers and Snookers at the end of each run. 


Results will be posted at the gate.


No ribbons given out.


All levels (Starters, Modified Adv/ Masters) will be nested. 


Course maps will be available for all the participants. 


The running order will reflect the category and the jump height. Available at ring side ONLY


Running Order: Height: low to high (Small dogs then big dogs) Regular followed by Special &Vets


A Frame will be at 5 Feet -no spread jumps or doubles will be used. 


A confirmation and an approximate schedule will be sent by email, the Thursday afternoon before the Match. 


The 1st walk thought will be at 8:30 am. 


There will be a 1/2 hour lunch break.


The day scheduled to finish at around 5pm. 


Plan to bring your lunch. Shade tents-chairs etc. Port a Pottie on Site 


There shall be no refunds. 


A $20 fee will be charged for NSF checks. 




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